Jude 20-22: "But
ye, beloved, building up
yourselves on your most
holy faith, praying in the
Holy Ghost, Keep
yourselves in the love of
God, looking for the
mercy of our Lord Jesus
Christ unto eternal life.
And of some have
compassion, making a

This, how we were created
to be, by the grace of God,
through Christ Jesus, we
have been given hearts to
give offerings of every grain
or drop of water, to another
so they may become
strong in faith, hope, and
love, and the giving spirit
spreads.  Thank you all so
much for your actions,
kindness, and love for
each other, shared for
Second Saturday Ministry.  

A person of actions is a
blessing, no matter the
way, a gift from God.

Soup, Soap, Salvation
Ambassadors for Christ,
Messengers of The Gospel
Sharing His Word,
Salvation is for all who will
receive it