SSS+ Ministry
Every man, woman, and child dwells on Earth under the covering of the blood of Jesus Christ,
Lord and Saviour. is a link through SSS+ Ministry, a non-profit
unincorporated association in Dallas, Texas.  Serving as a broadcast of the, Ronnie Mays Ministry which hosts the Second Saturday
services at 3926 Sidney St., Dallas, TX U.S.A.
The service is never pre arranged, it is of God, who deliveres all that arrives, out in the open,
under the Pecan trees.
3926 Sidney St.
TX - 75210
United States of America
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Dallas, Texas 2017
Homelessness is an issue which has not
been addressed well enough in Dallas,
Texas.  The "Tent City" dwellers are
moved from one location to another,
desperate for basic needs.  A homeless
person does not have the luxury of a
shower, toilet, mirror, washer/dryer,
sink, running water, clean clothing, clean
bedding, nutritious foods, clean drinking
water, job resources, and so much more.
Our effort is to be a help, to give more
every time we are involved, to
understand and love every child of God.