The PRIMARY purpose of the Soup/Soap/Salvation Ministry is
to offer Salvation to any and all participant attendees who so
desire. As Ambassadors for Christ we preach the Gospel in and out
of season for those who attend, seeking their acceptance of Christ’
s Salvation. We therefore reflect and present God’s grace, mercy,
goodness, and prayers as He so offered to us. The prayer of the
ministry is that all who are in need of Salvation are offered and
provided the Good News.
The mission of the SOUP and SOAP portions of the ministry is to
share all our resources with the attendees. Our resources include
Clothing, Personal items, and Food. All donated items are shared
until depleted to anyone who needs or wants the items. We
distribute all food to attendees and neighborhood visitors during
and after the Saturday ministry service ends.

All Soup/Soap/Salvation Services are opened and closed with
May God bless and keep you, Amen.
This web page is created to open minds and hearts of all humans
so that Love can prevail unto future generations without regard to
anything except that there is Love and Salvation through Jesus
All rights reserved.   2014 Ronnie Mays Ministry - Soup, Soap,
Salvation, Poetry and Media: Robin Brown
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