Soup, Soap,
Salvation Ministry
3926 Sidney St, Dallas, TX 75210
Every 2nd Saturday of EVERY month
8:30 - 12:30
Second Saturday Ministry: Show up, bring what ever God
has placed upon you to share, serve people to help meet
challenges and needs, and offer the love of Jesus Christ.
Music: "Word Of God Speak"
by MercyMe
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This web page is created to open minds and hearts of all humans so that Love can prevail unto future generations without regard to anything except
that there is Love and Salvation through Jesus Christ.  
All rights reserved.   2014 Ronnie Mays Ministry - Soup, Soap, Salvation, Poetry and Media: Robin Brown
I will give up tomorrow!

But right now, today, I
have not given up!  
Today, I will help
someone else up! I will
walk tall, speak boldly,
and give wisely.  Today is
not my day, but
His day!
I Am
The most profound words
God told us.
We are His
He is in us
All of Us
Let's bring Home the
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Ghandi once said, “Be the
change you wish to see in
the world.” Do you want to
make a difference?