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Ronnie Mays
Ronnie Mays Ministry
Ronnie (214) 455-0374  
Information: (214) 274-7067
Ronnie Mays
was born in Dallas Texas and
grew up in Karnack, Tx by Caddo Lake. He
stared singing in the choir when he was 5 years
old and quickly became the song leader. He
started singing in his first gospel group at 12. He
has sung with the likes of Willie Hutch, Lee Roy
McCoy, Fred Lynch and Charles McCoy. For
years he sang in colleges, high schools and
churches with many different groups (like the
Silver Serenaders) from the 1950's until today.
Ronnie has a ministry to the homeless called
Soup, Soap and Salvation that meets every 2nd
Saturday near Fair Park.
He's a member of First Baptist Church in Dallas
has been heard singing in many churches in
the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
Community Service Coordinator,
Operation Sponsorship, Sponsor
Willie "Coach" Gipson
United Universe, Non-Profit
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Ed Brown
(214) 325-3081
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